Our goal is to engage America’s farmers in 1 million conversations about food and farming. The premise is simple — if the average farmer can produce enough food to feed 155 people per year, he or she needs to be just as productive in communicating with consumers.
Project 155 is made up of opportunities for your farmer members and customers to be inspired, engage and easily report on the content and success of their conversations:
  1. “Can You 155?” – We will offer a free 1-hour motivational presentation to your organization’s farmers in person or online. The presentation is designed to stimulate conversation commitments and enthusiasm for conversations.
  2. In-Person Commitment – It’s hard to get someone to commit to having conversations if you’re not on their radar. Let our team attend your event to visit with farmers and get their commitment. We will bring our own laptop or iPads to encourage on-site commitments.
  3. Editorial Content — We will provide resources that you are welcome to share with  your members and customers as valuable content for your publications, online conversations and activities. All of these materials will be designed to direct your farmers to www.project155.com to commit and track their conversations.
 If you have questions about how your organization can get involved, contact Melanie Wilt at 937-604-9210 or melanie@wiltpr.com.